Company Profile

PM TEC Rolls & Covers is one of the leading manufacturers of precision rolls. The company projects, constructs, manufactures and covers rolls for line production facilities.

PM Tec Rolls & Covers has a diversified product portfolio and customers include - amongst others - paper manufacturing companies and suppliers for machinery industry for film or textile production facilities. PM Tec Rolls & Covers offers a comprehensive product and service package including Rolls Production, Rolls Cover, Rolls Service and Subcontracting.

On our own premises we are able to construct and produce rolls up to 1.5m in diameter and 12 m length.

PM Tec Rolls & Covers was founded in 1998 and with more than 60 employees and apprentices is one of the preferred German Mittelstand employer in the region of Saxony-Anhalt.

Our products meet high quality standards. Since 2003 PM Tec Rolls & Covers is DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified.