Rolls Cover

Roll Covers

An additional important process, apart from the manufacture of the roll base body, is the covering of the roll which makes a key contribution to the function of the roll and the number of hours it can operate for. This is because the cover forms the contact zone between roll and product, making it of crucial importance in the rolling process.

Essentially, covers may be divided into the following categories:


Elastomer Roll Covers

e. g. rubber, polyurethane, silicone or composite

Galvanic Roll Covers

e. g. hard chrome, nickel or copper


e. g. stainless steel coatings, carbide hard metal coatings, ceramic coatings or metallic coatings with embedded non-stick polymers




Thermocoatings are the ideal coating solution for a wide range of applications. The optimum properties of the coating can be set and optimised by using a wide range of materials and by combining individual materials and coating processes. This makes our thermocoatings clearly superior to the coatings previously in use.


Thermocoatings offer the following advantages thanks to the careful selection of high-performance and innovative base materials combined with our technological know-how:


Very long service life thanks to exceptional wear protection

Very high corrosion resistance

Uniform properties over the entire service life

Cover build-up is perfectly tailored to your operating conditions

Very high service life and production reliability

Ideal for the regeneration of roll surfaces