Rolls Service

Serviceing and Maintenance

We attach the utmost importance to servicing. Our range of services therefore includes a comprehensive service offer, starting with a thorough inspection of your roll.

We offer the following services as part of an inspection:

Balancing check

Crack testing on pivots and shell tube

Check of the pivot fit sizes

Recording deviations in shape and position

Dismantling and checking the bearing assembly



Non-Destructive Materials Testing

With our non-destructive materials testing we have created a USP on the market that sets new standards in the industry, giving our customers significant advantages. There are, however, important considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure this process can be used successfully. It is therefore imperative that the non-destructive tests are carried out professionally and in line with the latest tech­nological developments. The tests are subject to the European standardisation.

We carry out the following tests for you:

Magnetic particle method

Dye penetrant test

Phased arrays – ultrasonic testing

Radiographic examination (X-ray)

Visual examination of the internal body of the roll by endoscopy



We’ll be delighted to maintain your rolls to the highest professional standards.

The services we offer include:

Replacement of worn pivots

Regrinding of the roll shape – cylindrically, concavely, convexly

Renewal and optimisation of your roll covers

Retrofitting of a balancing system for balancing at several levels,

Dynamic balancing as per DIN ISO 1940

Fitting the complete bearing assembly